Linja Playground / Leikkipuisto Linja

Linja Playground / Leikkipuisto Linja

Toinen Linja 6 / Castréninkatu, Helsinki

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Linja Playground in the heart of Kallio has recently been completely refurbished. The designer of the outdoor section of the park has done well in taking children of all ages into account by dividing the park into sections that our suitable for kids of different ages. There are pens aimed at the smallest toddlers to large climbing structures for school-aged children. The park ambiance is calm, even though situated in the middle of the busy Kallio neighborhood. The easiest way to get to Linja is by metro to Hakaniemi metro station.


Pienten Helsinki feels this is a jewel of Helsinki, well worth the visit by any family wanting to play!


Playground equipemnt:

  • Swings
  • Baby swings (two baby swings side-by-side)
  • For climbing structures of varying size and difficulty
  • Slides of different sizes
  • A carousel
  • One very large sandbox (sand toys available during opening hours)
  • Rocking equipment
  • Tables and benches (for own picnic etc.)
  • Play cars
  • A football pitch
  • A fairly large paddling pool during warm summer days (pool is emptied during weekends)

Other notes:

  • We got the feeling that this is a place were plenty of children and families spend a lot of time. Great for socializing.
  • Kickbikes, mopeds etc. available during opening hours.
  • Comfortable and clean interior
  • The whole playground is fenced off surrounding area, a definite safety plus.

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