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Pienten Helsinki

Pienten Helsinki, or Little Helsinki, was born on a slushy day when putting on water resistant clothes on the toddler felt overwhelming and visiting the library seemed a much better idea. The idea got further inspiration from empty playgrounds that no one seemed to want to visit and deserted concerts that no one knew about. The final straw came when urgently looking for a child care room and child-friendly lunch restaurant and finding none.

The idea behind Pienten Helsinki is to lower the threshold to do things with small children and to share the places, services and events in Helsinki that’ve been tried and tested. Pienten Helsinki also offers tips on where to find good childcare rooms, places that are easily accessible with strollers and that are generally welcoming to children.

The recommendations are based on our own experiences. As a family with two children, we’ve travelled across Helsinki and experienced loads of different places during our four years together.

Pienten Helsinki is for you who move around the city with small kids. It’s principal goal is to encourage, to help and to share. Helsinki offers a rich variety of children’s culture and going out with children is and should be fun.

Pienten Helsinki gathers general tips of things to do as well as event tips in the greater Helsinki area. The tips are in general written with under school aged kids in mind. The author is a mother of two. This site is not affiliated with the City of Helsinki.


The content on this site is mostly in Finnish but we’ll try to translate the most popular event articles whenever possible. Tips, questions and suggestions in English, Swedish and Finnish are most appreciated. Please contact the author at mari@pientenhelsinki.fi and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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